Amazing Off-Road Motorcycle Holidays in Andalucia, Spain

Adventure holiday riding off-road bikes

Off-Road Trail Riding adventures for both bike riders of all levels including off-road motorcycle training from our Trailworld HQ in Andalucia, Southern Spain

If you’re already used to off-road, enduro or motocross riding, we can customise the tour for you.

We can also tailor an off-road motorcycle tour for more experienced motorcycle riders.

You may want to explore not only the hills and mountains of Southern Spain, but also improve your riding abilities. The pace is more “enthusiastic” and the routes we take you on will generate a little more perspiration. ...perfect for practicing enduro riding.

Open trails, technical and demanding climbs, descents, switchbacks and winding goat tracks, all leading to stunning vistas and sweeping views, where you’ll get that “Sound of Music” moment as you regain your breath and grab for a camera. bikers will love this

Whichever you choose, you end the day round the pool at our luxury farmhouse sharing tails of the trail as you relax and blow the froth of a couple of cold ones. ...what more do you want! :-)

Do you ride motorcycles on the road? New to riding motorbikes off road? Just imagine this....

It’s warm, sunny and you feel the thump of a single cylinder four stroke off-road bike kicking up the dust in one of Spain's most picture perfect regions, where the vast scenery will take your breath away.

Motorcycle trails and dirt tracks criss-cross the Andalucian hills, covering a breadth of terrain to entertain and challenge riders of all abilities.

But there’s no rush, it’s not a motorcycle race or an endurance test, your experienced guide sets a pace gentle enough to enjoy the view and the ambience, tailoring the pace to the abilities of you and your riding mates.

It’s big on fun, low on pressure, just as any good holiday should be. If you get stuck, everyone helps, if the pace is too hot, everyone cools it down. Our expert ride leaders will tailor the whole experience to maximise your enjoyment.

From the positive feedback we get from our customers and the amount of repeat business we are pretty sure you won't be disappointed trying out one of our offroad motorcycle motorcycle holidays.

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"Well we are back at work now, but last week was the most fun I have had for a very very long time!!! (And I didnít have to take my trousers off)

WOW! What a superb set up you have, 10 out of 10.

Trailworld, thanks for making it so enjoyable, showing us around the town, the welcome pack when you get there, the superb accommodation... it was ace!

Trailworld was amazing for putting up with us!! You keep the bikes in great condition and the effort you have put in to the routes makes the experience just awesome!!

Stopping off at the bars, riding through the back streets of the village!

You made us feel like your extended family!

Iím just waiting for the right time to get another pass from the wife and we will be in touch!!!

Did you get the misfire sorted? if not I can pop back over and stay for... say the next 10 years and help you!!!! Are you sure you donít want my CV?
I think I can speak for all of us when I say It's going to be a long year waiting."
ďThe 5 amigoísĒ

Trailworld Spain Andalucia