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Established since 2007, we're one of the most experienced tour company providing of Off-Road Adventure Motorcycle Holidays in Malaga, Spain

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Here in Spain, the weather is a little kinder than the UK, and so we ride all year round. Tours can start and finish whenever you choose, though weekends are popular for obvious reasons.

If you come in a group of 6 riders or more, we offer exclusive access to guides. With no-one else in your group you’ll ride together for the day, knowing each other’s riding habits and skills can make the ride more “interesting” to say the least. Expect much mirth making and mickey taking (from each other!)

Unlike other tour operators in Spain, we prefer to keep our groups a little smaller, four to eight is the ideal range, allowing you to ride together, but not strung out over miles. It also allows for some individual attention from the instructor/guide when you’re out on the trails if you need or want it.

On our most popular tour itinerary, you fly into Malaga on the Friday, ride on the Saturday and the Sunday and then fly home on the Monday. Bike, fuel, guide, all protective clothing and it all costs just £499…

Of course there are many more options and we try to be completely flexible. Tours can also be run through the working week if you prefer to steer clear of the weekends.

Whichever option you choose, we will endeavour to accommodate your specific requirements, we can happily throw in an extra day’s R&R if you need it. We can even tailor the tour exclusively to you and provide guidance and a little tuition for a small extra charge, ask us about this if you’re interested.

Off-road motorcycle tours riding through trails in remote locations such as single track, desert trails, sand, mountains, rock terrain.

Summer Riding – many people think they should avoid the hotter months of July and August, but you can still enjoy the riding without wilting in the heat. We give the option of either starting earlier or later on, to keep out of the hottest part of the day. Although it can be pretty steamy, once we hit the trails and the breeze starts wafting through your body armour it’s still a blast. Of course we take plenty of water breaks in the shade to keep you hydrated and best of all, there’s a welcome dip in the pool awaiting you when we return back to base

Winter Riding – the weather is famously temperate here in the Antequera region of Spain, so even in the “depths” of a local winter, it’s still generally a great deal warmer and dryer than a typical British day.

To be honest, there’s really no ‘best time’ of the year to visit us, because frankly riding in Spain is amazing for all 365 days!

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