Duration: 1-3 days
Price Per Rider: £300 - £500
FREE Riding Gear Hire for each rider
AJP Enduro Bikes

PR7 Enduro On/Off-Road Tour

On/Off-Road Tour in Spain


Why not  book yourself on this amazing advanced off-road tour on the critically acclaimed AJP PR7. One taste of this endurance off-road bike and you’ll be wanting your own.

Book yourself on our AJP PR7 On/Off-Road Tour and experience the agility and power the PR7 has to offer. We will take you on adventurous trails across Andalusia experiencing the amazing culture Spain has to offer.. The from the outset of leaving out Trailworld riding base, we will hit amazing trails from Granada through to Ronda and from Malaga to Cordoba. Whilst riding on this on/off-road adventure tour, you’ll wind your way down some of the most magnificent trails, climb mountains and descend valleys, riding through the truly amazing terrain Spain has to offer.

The 650cc AJP PR7 are amazing motorcycles for this On/Off-road tour and exhibit amazing on-road touring and off-road multi-terrain capabilities all rolled into one bike.  These are ideal for the vast countryside, hills, fields, tracks and trails you will encounter along the way.

Add on to a normal tour

If you want to add this PR7 tour as an additional day on top of your normal PR3/PR4/PR5 off-road guided Tour… This could be the icing on the cake. …spending 2 or 3 days riding the normal dirt bikes and then adding an additional day of this On/Off-road adventure on the AJP PR7’s will ensure you have the most amazing holiday ever!

FREE Cotton T-Shirt for every rider

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  • Day 1 - Fly to Spain, arrive at our riding base, receive initial briefing. Fitted with riding gear and introduced to your Trail Bike
  • Day 2 - Ride to Granada
  • Day 3 - Ride to Ronda
  • Day 4 - Ride to Malaga
  • Day 5 - Fly back home