The Golf Course

A trail bike paradise that we like to call our enduro training ground

During each of our off-road motorcycle tour, from the start we will introduce you to “The Golf Course” as it is a prime location for getting used to the trail bikes, experiencing various terrain and learning new trail riding techniques.

To get here, you will ride through stunning olive groves, ride along a dirt track adjacent to the motorway, climb and descend rugged hills, across fields, cross a stream and this will truly put a smile on your face.

‘The Golf Course’ consists of hectares of a partially constructed Golf Course. …its an trail bike paradise waiting for you to explore the trails, hillclimbs and water hazards.

The trails around here are superb, the varied terrain and difficulty of trails allow us to help you develop your skills. No matter whether you’ve never ridden off-road or highly experienced, The Golf Course allows your to familiarise yourself with the handling of our motorcycles and increase your off-road trail riding skills.

Once you have spent a short time playing around on these trails, we will then proceed further and explore the rest of the andalusian hills and farm land.

Here are a few photographs showing you what you may experience during your off-road adventure on our dirt bike trail tours.