Classic Motorcycle Tour

Guided Tour in Spain


Due to having had such a busy year, we’ve now expanded to our fleet of bikes. We have a classic motorcycles for you to ride after your off-road motorcycle tour. In fact, there are now 3 of these Japanese Classic Suzuki Motorcycles here for you to test out!

These Classic Two Stroke Triples are immaculate, and use the old fashioned carburettors, so they’re super responsive, more forgiving to ride and easier to maintain in the hot Spanish roads.

With decent old fashioned classic two stroke powerband, all the way from midrange to the top end, they rev along with a slick-shifting six speed box. A day on these classic bikes should be perfect finish to your dirt bike holiday. In fact, all the reviews say our classic motorcycle tours are a dream to ride.

Want to see these classic bikes in action? Get an idea on what classics are like to ride? Why not book a short break with us.

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