Duration: 1 day, 2 day & 3 day options
Price Per Rider: £300 - £990
FREE Riding Gear Hire for each rider
AJP Enduro Bikes

Classic Motorcycle Tour

Classic Suzuki Guided Tours in Spain

Due to having had such a busy year, we’ve now expanded our fleet of bikes. We have various classic motorcycles for you to ride after your off-road motorcycle tour. In fact, there are now 8 of these Japanese Classic Suzuki Motorcycles here for you to test out!

With decent old fashioned classic two stroke powerband, all the way from midrange to the top end, they rev along with a slick-shifting six speed box. A day on these classic bikes should be perfect finish to your dirt bike holiday. In fact, all the reviews say our classic motorcycle tours are a dream to ride.

There will be further bikes available with my new partner in the classic Bike Tours. Coming for 2023 we have:

  • 2 further GT550’s
  • A 1975 GT550m undergoing a full restoration.
  • A 1973 GT550K undergoing extensive restoration.

What We Offer

One day tours for those that come and ride our fantastic AJP enduro bikes.

2- and 3-day guided classic tours.

We will only be taking out groups of 4 so that you can enjoy the personal touch both at our base, La Nava and also whilst out with your guide.

Tours on our classic bikes run from May through to September.

Stopping for coffee and lunch. Taking in the spectacular scenery. Riding roads that can only be dreamt of, roads that are smooth, with sweeping bends and long straights. But equally almost free of traffic.

Our guides are all road riders and bike owners here in Andalusia.  We have an amazing selection of routes all arriving for lunch in great villages or towns where you’ll eat great food at really low prices!! Relax and then get back on the bike to enjoy more riding. Back to La Nava for a welcome beer and swim.

We have a long list of previous Trailworld guests that are waiting to ride our classic bikes. This is a unique experience in Spain – where else can you ride genuine classic bikes?

Want to see these classic bikes in action? Get an idea on what classics are like to ride? Why not book a short break with us. Choose your preferred bike, organise your group of riders and get in touch to check availability and book your tour!


1 day tour (not including trail riding)            £300.00

2-day classic only tour                                   £700.00

3-day classic only tour                                   £990.00

  • SUZUKI GT550M 1975

    Suzuki GT550 Barry Sheene Classic Motorcycle Tour

    The first of the classic collection that I purchased. Loved by me and even used at my recent Wedding.

    She is painted as a tribute to the late great Barry Sheene in his Heron Suzuki colours. I personally think she looks great.

    550cc, 3-cylinder 2 stroke air cooled.

    Shut your eyes and listen to the sound, smell the 2 stroke and get transported back to the 70’s. Fitted with Higgspeed exhausts you get instant 70’s noise from the expansion chambers…. You know you’re in for some fun. From the tailpipes you get the smell of the 70’s … 2 stroke oil.

    Throw your leg over…Start the engine.. take a moment to listen..engage 1st, she responds instantly. Hit the roads feel and hear as she leaps into the power band.

    The roads here in Spain are perfect to have a great day’s riding. Bends galore, minimal traffic. Awesome scenery and the experience of riding a 70’s classic in the sun.

  • SUZUKI GT750M 1975

    Suzuki GS750 Classic Motorcycle Tours

    A true 1970’s Superbike.

    750cc, 3 Cylinders 2 stroke Liquid cooled

    Larger and heavier than the 550’s but with the added power it certainly delivers a huge smile. Bends or straights she takes in her stride through the large power band, and superb gearing.

    Fitted with her original exhausts she delivers that crisp sound that the factory intended. Giving her that heady pleasure of sound and smell that only a 2 stroke can deliver.

    Partially restored and in great condition she can be ridden for hours in comfort. For her age she handles well and the Bridgestone tyres give greater confidence in the bends.

    Open and almost traffic free roads, the sun, great scenery….. ridding a GT750.. could life get any better?

  • SUZUKI GT750A 1976

    Suzuki GT750 Classic Motorcycle Tours

    What can I say about a 76 GT750A?

    Reaching the end of production and the end of the 2-stroke era, Suzuki updated an already great bike, giving it more power and updating its looks.

    A true 1970’s 2 stroke superbike.

    Mine is a traveller, first bought in Germany then emigrating to Greece before her final trip to Spain. Restored and rebuilt by me to how I wanted her to be and my tastes.

    Like her sister 750, she rides really well and also gains from her Bridgestone tyres. Adding 21st century tyres gives a feeling and handling not available in the 70’s a great addition.

    Purrs along the roads, but change down into the power band and feel her accelerate. Urging you to twist harder, listen to her scream along.

    The perfect 70’s bike to explore the beauty that is Andalusia enjoying the freedom of the roads, whilst enjoying good food and company.

  • SUZUKI GT250A 1976

    Suzuki GT250 Classic Motorcycle Tour

    The bike that at 17 I dreamt of!

    250cc 2-cylinder 2stroke.   pure 2 stroke magic.

    Refined and altered after years of production, it was one of the best 250’s around. (Spoken as a Suzuki lover!)

    Mine is fitted with Allspeed expansion chambers, it revs quickly and sounds great. It sounds like its ready to give you a big smile.

    She has been the subject of various restorations and rebuilds, But, has been totally rebuilt by me so I know her well. Suspension, Brakes and tyres improve the ride, but retain the look and feel of a 70’s 250.

    Light and nimble she is fantastic to ride through the bends and powerful enough to cruise to see the views.

  • SUZUKI GS750 1977

    Suzuki GS750 Classic motorcycle tour

    A new era for Suzuki after the 2-stroke age. The 4 Stroke 750 superbike.

    750 cc 4 Stroke air cooled.

    This GS remains as a fairly standard bike, with of course modern more grippy tyres.

    Twin disc’s upfront and the addition of a disc brake on the rear it provides better stopping power than previous models.

    The engine is torquey and responsive giving masses of power to accelerate and also to cruise. Sporty enough to have fun and powerful enough to excite.

    She takes sweeping bends in her stride and accelerates out onto the straights. Truly a great and capable bike to ride, take in the views and have a lot of fun.

    Comfortable, Sporty, Fast, just about sums up a GS. Perfect to ride the roads of Spain.

  • Suzuki GS750 1979

    Suzuki GS750 Classic Motorcycle Tour

    Here’s the second of the GS’s, some differences between the two.

    Factory Alloy wheels, a previous owner has modified the bike slightly. Changing the clocks and headlight, a personal choice.

    Still the amazing 750cc 4 stroke engine, giving lots of power throughout the rev range.

    Modern tyres give more grip and overall stability, improving the already great ride immensely.

    Great throttle response making it feel sporty matching the throaty sound of the exhausts.

    Another excellent bike to ride the roads of Spain and relive an age gone by.

  • Suzuki GSXR 600 1999

    Suzuki GSXR600 Classic Motorcycle Tour

    An iconic Supersport Bike.

    600cc inline liquid cooled 4 carburettors.

    I love this bike to ride, having raced supersport at various levels for nearly 10 years.

    It has an amazing front end giving you constant feedback.  25 years old and still it can hold it own on the roads.

    Larger and heavier than more modern super sports but rewards the rider with great acceleration and superb handling.

    In my opinion the best colours for a 90’s – 2000 Suzuki, Blue and white.

    Bought new in Spain so its never seen a salty road or probably wet ones so in great condition.

    Riding through sweepers or twisty is a sheer delight.  Ease off on the throttle and enjoy the engine note and fantastic scenery of Andalucía.

  • Suzuki TLR 1000- Year 2000

    Suzuki TLR 1000 Classic Motorcycle Tour

    What can you say about a Suzuki TLR?? 1000cc V Twin Torque and power from tick over feared by some, loved by many more.

    I was fortunate to have owned the very first genuine TLR on the road in the UK. ( Long story ask me when you get here!)

    So, another Suzuki close to my heart. This manufactured in 2000 has been lovingly looked after, 2 owners and only 13,000 miles (although I might increase that!)

    She’s big she’s heavy but she is fast and handles beautifully.

    Forget what some people say, she handles like a dream with her aftermarket exhaust she sounds as good as she goes.

    Cruise along looking at the scenery, twist the throttle and feel the Torque of a massive V Twin engine.

    Iconic? Cult? Different? all of the above all explained in one word….AWESOME.