If you’ve never been on one of our off-road tours before, then it’s a pretty daunting task worrying about what to expect. But this is just the start of your adventure. We often get asked various questions like… What does one pack for such a trip? And when’s the best time to go? And what to wear while there? Can my stag mate wear his mankini in the swimming pool? All important questions.

You’re lucky you’ve found your way here as we’re written the most often asked questions and answers here…

1 Day tour

When you book your motorcycle holiday with us, it will include the use of a motorcycle, we provide the fuel so you can ride the trails all day long.

We will also provide you with high quality protective clothing from head to toe. Many customers do prefer to bring their own kit, such as helmets, back protectors and boots, this is likely to be preferrable as the padding in helmets will shape to your own head and provide you with more comfort, likewise your own body armour is likely to offer better protection as it will fit tighter o your torso.

You will also have the company of our highly experienced, expert tour guide and tutor plus a 5 star service from your on-site hosts.

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