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I tried off-roading for the first time in March earlier this year. Despite the freezing conditions I had an absolute blast, so when the opportunity came up to spend two days riding in sunny Spain with a mate I jumped at it.

As before, I would be riding with my friend Stuart and Trailworld, a company offering off-road training and guided tours. They have bases in Luton and Hampshire but I would be staying at their Spanish villa, located just a short drive away from Málaga.

Arriving at any airport you often see a collection of depressed looking mini cab drivers holding up A4 sheets of paper with strangers names on them. In what seemed much more fitting for an off-road adventure, we were instructed to keep an eye out for someone wearing an Animal t-shirt at the airport bar. Having met our host and tour guide/instructor Andy, we set off for the short drive to our holiday home whilst discussing the pros and cons of a 1200GS (mainly cons).

At the villa we were joined by Andy’s partner and host extraordinaire Fran, along with three Dutch 1200GS owners who for 9 years running have made sure they get to go on a week-long bike adventure.

The schedule was to unpack and then chill on the first day, ride for the second and third, before heading back to the UK on the following afternoon. After unpacking we got dropped off into the local town of Villanueva del Trabuco to bask in the warm October sunshine. I had a real moment of déjà vu, until I realised I had stayed in the same town a few years ago with my girlfriend and her parents. That time I had explored some of the local trails but had only one horse to power me along. This time I would have 25 to hand as I would be riding a 250cc 4 stroke for the next two days. I couldn’t wait….

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