Awesome off-road riding – if you’re up to it!

Trailworld is just awesome. Didn’t know what to expect but got more than I could wish for. The farmhouse is spacious cool and comfy. Great pool and bbq area etc. The AJP250 bike and gear all good.

The ride outs with Mark were excellent. Each day we did over 100km of trails and a few 1000m of climbs. We rode laid back cruising trails & roads, some motoX, fast enduro, and trials sections. Was a real challenge in places. The terrain was so varied: dirt, grit, rocks, grass, concrete, tarmac, fields, olive-groves, streams, lakes, mountains, you name it. The pace is at whatever you ask for but can be fairly quick. Lunch stops great. Scenery non-stop amazing.

Be warned – You’ll need decent off-road skills to cope with some of this, unless Mark is kind enough to tone it down a bit for you. I liked the challenge though. Had a fantastic time.

Cheers Andy

June 2023