Do I need holiday/personal accident insurance that covers me for off-road motorcycle enduro riding in Spain?

Holiday Insurance

Although it’s not compulsory to have holiday insurance whilst out on our bikes, we highly recommended Holiday insurance!

Holiday insurance can offer financial recovery for medical expenses and provides protection against loss baggage, personal belongings, trip cancellation and interruption. The insurance can also cover medical evacuation, repatriation and legal expenses.

If you fall and hurt yourself badly, you would be better to have holiday insurance that covers you for motorcycle riding.

You can even buy specific Motorcycle Travel Insurance that will usually cover anyone who is planning on riding a motorcycle for more than a couple of days whilst you are abroad.

It is very important to make sure your policy includes repatriation back to your home country.

We recommend :

European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) replaces the E111. All European Union Member Countries have reciprocal health cover through EHIC, it provides you the right to access state-provided healthcare.  You can apply for this on line or at your local post office, and it can cover yourself and your whole family. It’s completely free and valid for up to five years.

It is free of charge and covers medical charges similar to that of the NHS. If you’re in Spain and you’ve got valid EHIC cover, you’ll be entitled to the same treatment that local citizens are entitled to – extremely useful in emergencies. It does NOT mean that treatment is Free, it means that you get treated the same way as a citizen of that country. If they get free medical treatment then you do too – if they pay, you pay the same rates.

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