Do I need to have a lot of off-road motorcycle experience to ride off road motorbikes in Spain?

Off-road Experience

We would suggest you get some practice in your home country as this will benefit your riding and holiday greatly, but our tours are all set up for novices only and offer tuition as we go along on all the terrain you will ride.

Road Bikers (with no off-road experience)

If you can ride a road bike, but have no experience of riding off-road… Don’t worry! We’re sure you’ll be fine!

From experience, we’ve recognise that most road bikers are very good at riding off-road. You will already have a good understanding of balance, bike controls, safety and reading the road ahead. Riding off-road is quite technical, but we will always assess your riding ability and adjust the tour to suit your skills.

Our tours are not aimed at riding flat out, pushing yourself to the limits; in fact our tours are better suited for novice, intermediate and experienced riders. We will never push you to ride on tracks that are too difficult, we want to make sure you can ride on trails taht you are comfortable with and as you grow confidence and experience, we can introduce more complicated trails to make it more interesting for you.

As Always, we will always customise our trails for our customers.

Ultimately, you are on Holiday… not in a Race!!! …so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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